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How can we help you?

Traditional East Asian medicines are diverse and different types of treatments are suited to different complaints and patients. Some emphasise eliminating pathogens and toxins from the body, while others primarily aim to strengthen a person’s defences or energies.
At times it is more suitable to focus on a patient’s general constitution, at others it is more important to deal with a single illness or symptom.
Drawing on a wide repertoire of traditions, therapies and techniques as well as modern research we will select those that are most suitable to your individual condition.

What happens at your first visit?

Your initial visit usually takes up to an hour and involves listening to your history, asking a range of questions, looking at your tongue, taking your pulse and palpating your abdomen.
If you are coming for acupuncture, your practitioner will then carry out the treatment by inserting needles into specific points of your body which may be removed immediately or left in for a short period of time (15-20 mins).
Subsequent treatments usually last between 30-45mins.

If you are coming for herbal medicine, after the initial consultation your practitioner will prepare a herbal prescription tailored to your diagnosis which you can collect at the clinic or can be sent to an address of your choice.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatment is usually required once per week for a number of weeks until symptoms improve, with less frequent visits thereafter.

Does acupuncture hurt?

You may feel the insertion of the needle and a dull ache shortly. The sensation of needling can be strong but only lasts a short time and is rarely unacceptable.

How much do the herbs cost?

An average weekly prescription costs £ 12- £ 20 but price can vary according to which herbs are used, their preparation and their dosage.

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